Custard apple is round or spherical to simple fruit with plane figure indentations on its surface. Several cultivars exist, and relying upon the variety kind there may be inexperienced, brown, yellow, maroon fruits. Custard apple options powerful, outer skin. Inside, individual arils comprise cream-white sheath close single, glossy, burnt umber color seeds. The flesh simply beneath its surface features a granular texture. Skin and seeds square measure poisonous and discarded. Its flavor delineated as a reminiscence of mangosteen, sweet and pleasantly lemony, melts in the mouth.


- Vitamin C

- Vitamin A

- Vitamin - C

- Potassium

- Magnesium

- Copper

- Fiber

Health Benfits:

- Healthy Skin and Hair

- It is used for Healthy Weight

- It is best for using During Pregnancy

- Aids Digestion

- Excellent for Diabetics

- Controls Blood Pressure

- Reduces Cholesterol