Grapes can be used for making juice, wine, jam, jelly, grape seed extract, vinegar, and Grape seed oil, raisins. These are a non-climacteric type of fruits, mostly occurring in clusters. It is a berry fruit of the delicious wines of the botanical genus Vitis. Mostly, grapes are used for making wine. A grape helps your hair and skin is vibrant and healthier.

Nutrients contain Grapes:

- Vitamin - A

- Vitamin - C

- Vitamin - B6

- Potassium

- Calcium

- Iron

- Phosphorus

- Magnesium and

- Selenium

- Iron - 01%

Uses of Grapes in Health:
Grapes are also very useful to protect from health diseases. It gives blood to the body and prevents many diseases like Heart Diseases, Constipation, Diabetes Complications, Indigestion, Asthma, Cold and Cough, Migraine, Breast Cancer, Kidney Disorders, Blood Cholesterol and Fatigue.