The rough, red leathered skin of the lychee fruit contrasts with the white, creamy fruit within. Originating in China, lychee could be a tropical fruit celebrated for its sweet and redolent flavor. However, they will even be found dried or in recipes, particularly frozen dessert and desserts. 90% of individuals World Health Organization strive properly mature and harvested litchee fruit notice the expertise glorious in China, wherever lychees square measure particularly widespread, the fruit, which might be spherical, oval or simple.

Nutrients of lychee fruit:

- Vitamin C

- Vitamin B6

- Niacin

- Riboflavin

- Copper

- Potassium

- Phosphorous

- Magnesium

- Manganese

Health Benfits:

- Have Anticancer Effect

- Improve Digestion

- Promote Cardiovascular Health

- Regulate Blood Circulation

- Aid Weight Loss

- Prevent Blood Vessel Rupture