Indian Mangosteen is commonly revered as "the queen" of tropical fruits, notably within the Southeast Asian regions. This exotic, round, purple color fruit is sort of in style for its achromatic, juicy, delicious arils all of the Asian countries.

Botanically, it's the fruit happiness to the family of Clusiaceae, within the genus: dilleniid dicot genus. Scientific name: mangosteen. Referred to as "Mangkhud" in Thai, Thailand is that the largest producer and bourgeois of mangosteens


- Carbohydrates-14%

- Protein -1%

- Calcium-1.2%

- Copper-7%

- Iron -4%

- Magnesium-3%

- Manganese -4%

- Phosphorus -1%

- Zinc -2%

Health benefits:

- Increase Immunity

- Protect from Cancer

- Improve Skin Health

- Healthy Weight Loss

- Brain Health