Papayas fruits are the spherical or pear-shaped that can be 20 inches. This looks in a rich orange color with yellow or pink hues. The inner cavity of the fruit is black, with small round seeds. Papaya's flavor is somewhat bitter and sweet. The fruit and papaya tree other parts contains papain, that is an enzyme to digest proteins. It also maintains the regular period of women.

Nutrients in Papaya:

- Potassium 182 mg %

- Cholesterol 0%

- Total Carbohydrate 11 g

- Dietary fiber 1.7 g

- Vitamin A15%

- magnesium14%

- potassium14%

- Vitamin C224%

- folate26%

- fiber19%

- copper13%

- Pantothenic acid11%

Health Benefits:
Papayas offer not only taste and brightens the color of skin. But, these are the rich source of antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes, Vitamins, and pantothenic acid. These nutrients promote the health of the cardiovascular system. It protects from the colon cancer. Papaya contains the papain, digestive enzyme, bromelain, and other causes allergies.