Pears are a fruit which mixed with delicious, Sweet, and rich flavors. These are popular in the northern hemisphere, for their unique qualities. Scientifically it is a "pome fruit” came from Rosaceae family. It grown in the coastal and mildly temperate regions from north Africa and western Europe. It will grow up to 10–17 meters.

Nutrients of pears:

- Protein -0.64 g

- Carbohydrates - 27.11 g

- Fat - 0.25 g

- Dietary Fiber - 5.52 g

- Calories -101.46

- Vitamin B1 -0.02 mg

- Vitamin B2-0.05 mg

- Vitamin B3-0.29 mg

- Vitamin B3-0.35 mg

- Vitamin B6-0.05 mg

- Vitamin B12 -0.00 mcg

- Vitamin C- 7.65 mg

- Vitamin A 44.50 IU

Pear fruit is more helpful for Weight loss. It prevents from cardiovascular disease and cholesterol. Pear is used dietary fiber and to regulate the immune system and inflammation. It controls the Diabetes levels. By taking this fruits, it easy digests the human digestive system.