You would have consumed a yellow banana. However, did you ever have a red banana? If you haven’t, you will not extremely bear in mind of the unimaginable advantages of red banana. Red banana also called red national capital banana could be a nice supply of fiber. Fiber made food is important for normal intestine movements. One red banana contains four grams of fiber that meets 16 PF of the daily necessity of fiber. Red Banana tree grows, dies and re-grows every year. These contain three natural sugars, fructose, sucrose, and glucose combined with fiber.

Health Benefits of Red Banana:

- Weight reduction

- Improves blood

- Instance source of energy

- Cure Piles

- Skin Benefits of red banana


- Manganese-2%

- Vitamin A-1%

- Vitamin C-14%

- Calcium-0%

- Iron-1%

- Vitamin D-0%

- Vitamin B6-20%

- Vitamin B-12%